When Australian Andrew Souto first visited Vietnam in 2005 he saw a country struggling to develop its automotive and motorcycle repair industry and also witnessed the plight of street kids who come from the rural areas to make money in the city to send home to their families.

As a qualified motor mechanic Andrew decided the best way to help these kids was by sharing his skills. In 2008 with support from the Volunteer International Development Australian Program (VIDA) and Australian NGO Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, Andrew established a motorbike rental and repair business with the mission of helping improve the lives of disadvantaged youth. Andrew is a certified Trainer and Assessor (Australian Certificate IV) and ensures the quality of his team’s work.

Give a man a bowl of rice, you feed him for a day. Give a man a trade, you can feed him for a lifetime - Andrew Souto

Motorbike Rental Hanoi Address: 17 Vệ Hồ, Xuân La, Tây Hồ, Hanoi, Vietnam

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