VIP Bikes Hanoi has been serving the community for over a decade for motorbike rentals, servicing, repair work as well as supporting a number of local charities, local businesses as well as our own initiatives to reduce plastic waste.
Working 6 and usually 7 days a week over that period has taken its toll and sadly, the time has come for us to retire. There is only so long that you can work 6 and usually 7 days a week (most of that decade without a holiday)
Thank you all for your support and custom over the last decade.

We are officially closed. Beware of any copy VIP Bikes shops.

If you have a Honda bike looking for service work, take it to a certified Honda dealership.
If you have a Yamaha bike looking for service work take it to a certified Yamaha dealership.
If you are looking for bike rental give Tigid bikes a try.  



Preview Item Description Price
Adjustable wrench Various sizes of adjustable wrenches. Black or Chorm finishes and made of forged steel for extra durability.40,000 VND
Box Spanner Box Spanner ideal as part of your motorbike maintenance kit20,000 VND
Insulating Tape Insulating tape, various colours10,000 VND
Padlock Small Elephant brand padlock, comes with 2 keys.20,000 VND
Paint brush Paint brush. Approximate width 2.25 inches10,000 VND
Pliers FPF Brand multi-purpose pliers. Handles look to be electrically insulated. Good grip.45,000 VND
PTFE Tape PTFE tape for sealing threads on plumbing joints10,000 VND
Screwdriver Double headed screwdriver (Phillips/cross head and flat. Nice grippy handle40,000 VND
Torch Small torch40,000 VND
Tyre Lever Tyre levers. Matt finish100,000 VND
Tyre Pump Plastic tyre pump90,000 VND

Whilst every effort is made to ensure images are accurate and a true representation of our stock, we reserve the right to use 'generic' images where we may have products of a similar size/shape/colour.

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