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Protec Protec Protec Helmets of various sizes and colours. Made to International standard QCVN2:2008 / BKHCN238,000 VND
Karibon Karibon Karibon pollution masks in assorted sizes, patterns and colours75,000 VND
Viet Tiep D-Lock Viet Tiep D-Lock Viet Tiep D-lock to secure your bike.280,000 VND
Yeti D-Lock Yeti D-Lock YETI brand D-lock. Has a nice day-glo yellow sleeve around the lock barrel to help remind you not to ride off with it attached280,000 VND
Disc Lock Disc Lock Wheel disc lock. Fitted using the lockable pin that is inserted through the front or rear brake disc.160,000 VND
Wheel Lock Wheel Lock This device clamps to the front fork leg and a lockable security pin prevents the front wheel from turning so the bike cannot be pushed or ridden away.160,000 VND
Castrol Activ Castrol Activ 20W-40 Engine Oil with Actibond technology. 800ml bottle.Contact us for latest prices.
Castrol Scooter Gear Oil Castrol Scooter Gear Oil 80W-90 Gearbox/Diff oilContact us for latest prices.
Castrol Power 1 Castrol Power 1 Castrol Power 1 10W-40 4-AT Scooter engine oil with Zipboosters (tm) 800ml bottle.Contact us for latest prices.
Honda Coolant Honda Coolant Genuine Honda Coolant additive. 500ml bottle.Contact us for latest prices.
Pliers Pliers FPF Brand multi-purpose pliers. Handles look to be electrically insulated. Good grip.45,000 VND
Adjustable wrench Adjustable wrench Various sizes of adjustable wrenches. Black or Chorm finishes and made of forged steel for extra durability.40,000 VND
Paint brush Paint brush Paint brush. Approximate width 2.25 inches10,000 VND
Screwdriver Screwdriver Double headed screwdriver (Phillips/cross head and flat. Nice grippy handle40,000 VND
Tyre Lever Tyre Lever Tyre levers. Matt finish100,000 VND
Insulating Tape Insulating Tape Insulating tape, various colours10,000 VND
PTFE Tape PTFE Tape PTFE tape for sealing threads on plumbing joints10,000 VND
Box Spanner Box Spanner Box Spanner ideal as part of your motorbike maintenance kit20,000 VND
Padlock Padlock Small Elephant brand padlock, comes with 2 keys.20,000 VND
Tyre Pump Tyre Pump Plastic tyre pump90,000 VND
Torch Torch Small torch40,000 VND
Helmet Clips Helmet Clips Chrome effect helmet clips50,000 VND
Exhaust Wrap Exhaust Wrap Perfect for wrapping around your exhaust pipe to help prevent burns and melted boots. High temperature silicon coating (good up to 1600 degrees C) and comes with metal ties (tested up to 2500 degrees C) . Two widths available, 1 inch and 2 inch Price listed is for the 1 inch product.1,100,000 VND
Extension Lead Extension Lead Electrical extension lead for multiple country sockets built in. Plug of course is for Vietnam.120,000 VND
USB Charger USB Charger 12 volt twin USB charger. Cigarette lighter fitting.240,000 VND
Safety/Driving Glasses Safety/Driving Glasses Safety/ Night Riding Glasses. Clear and Black tinted. The black ones make pretty nice sunglasses.100,000 VND
RTV Silicone RTV Silicone High temperature silicon for for gasket making.65,000 VND
Selleys Epoxy Selleys Epoxy Selleys 2 part epoxy. Super strong. Dries clear.30,000 VND
Motorbike Die Cast Kits Motorbike Die Cast Kits Diecast Motorbike kits. Perfect for both adults and children who have a passion for motorbikes. Various models including Honda CBR 600, Ducatti Monster 696. Models are 1/12 scale replica's. Assembly tools included.350,000 VND
VIP Bikes Coffee Mug VIP Bikes Coffee Mug Really good quality coffee mugs designed in Korea100,000 VND
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit First Aid kit compiled by an International Hospital exclusively for VIP Bikes350,000 VND
Simple Coffee Simple Coffee Certified Direct Trade Coffee. From farm to cup with fewer middlemen. Highest quality beans, freshly roasted (roasting date is on each bag to ensure the freshest coffee). We stock a variety of roasts and blends so call in and let your nose sample the delights of this fantastically fresh coffee!!120,000 VND
VIP Coffee VIP Coffee Certified Direct Trade Coffee from the Simple Coffee Company. Highest quality beans used in our exclusive VIP blend of dark roast coffee.120,000 VND
High Temperature Paint High Temperature Paint High Temperature spray paint (rated at 1200F120,000 VND
Spray Paint Spray Paint Spray paints in assorted colours. Can weight 270g35,000 VND
Acrylic Lacquer Acrylic Lacquer Acrylic Laquers in assorted colours. Can weight 270g35,000 VND
T-Shirt T-Shirt Blue Dragon T-Shirts in various childrens sizes and various colours including blue, gray, orange and yellow. Proceeds of all Blue Dragon merchandise go directly to Blue Dragon.250,000 VND
Blue Dragons Blue Dragons Blue Dragon dragons in 2 sizes (this is the bigger size). All proceeds go directly to Blue Dragon250,000 VND
Blue Dragon T-Towels Blue Dragon T-Towels Good quality t-towels from Blue Dragon. All proceeds go directly to Blue Dragon. The perfect t-towel for use at home or as presents for friends and relatives.150,000 VND
Stubby Cooler Stubby Cooler Keep your cold drink cold with our quality, branded neoprene stubby coolers. 50,000 for one or two for 90,00050,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre Inu iRC Tyre 80/90-17 Suitable for Wave RS, Future380,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre Inu iRC Tyre 70/100-17 Front tyre for Wave RS, Future350,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre Inu iRC Tyre 2.50-17 Rear tyre for Wave Alpha350,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre Inu iRC Tyre 2.25-17 Front tyre for Wave Alpha300,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre Inu iRC Tyre 80/90-14 Front tyre for Airblade, Vision450,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre Inu iRC Tyre 90/90-14 Rear tyre for Airblade, Vision550,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre Inu iRC Tyre 90/90-12 Front tyre for Lead, SCR500,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre Inu iRC Tyre 100/90-10 Rear tyre Lead,SCR, Attila550,000 VND

Whilst every effort is made to ensure images are accurate and a true representation of our stock, we reserve the right to use 'generic' images where we may have products of a similar size/shape/colour.

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